Year End Confessions!

Confession game. So the year is coming to an end...So confess anything that you always wanted to tell me but were not able to?? Reply must! ;)No cheating u have to send this 2 all ur contacts, even if u r not talking, & see what and how many things they want from you.
1. a friendship
2 long relationship with love
3 another chance
4 a long smooch
5 Icecream party
6 as a friend with benefits
7 true and best friendship
8 a movie together
9 duet dance with me
10 long drive
11 one song for me
12 date me
13 shower together
14 wanna make passionate love
15 I wanna be your GF/BF
16 a big tight hug
17 one line for me
18 will u marry me
19 want uh back in lyf
20 chilling together
21 gift
22 just stay away !!!!
23 ego continue..
replyy is musttt ......!! :P‎

Pick any 2.!

‎You have got choices! Pick any 2 and you get that! 
1. My snapchat 
2. My number (Selectives)
3. Hot or not 
4. Tbh
5. Opinion of you (Selectives)
6. Paragraph ✏️
7. Rate 1-100➡️
8. Ask me 3 questions 
9. Would I date you 
10. Worst fear‎!

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