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BC Messages - 107 (Pick a number from 1-54 , and I will tel u wat yu have to do!)

Pick a number from 1-54 , and I will tel u wat yu have to do!

1.Don't talk to me for 1 day:O
2.Delete my number.:|
3.Just ignore ur list and talk to me(y)
4.Send ur picture .<3<3
5.I dare u to tell me something u never told anyone before:/
6.Take a naked pic just for me and send it <3<3
7.Tell me ur crushes name;;)
8.Send a vn saying that u love me.:$
9.Hug me ({})
10.Put ur status for a day saying "I <3 the first letter of your lover"
11.Take a picture of yourself & send it to me;)
12.Dirty pic
13.Hit who's in front of u & say its from me>=)
14.Invite me with the last person u talked to:p
15.T*t pic
16.What am I to u??:>
17.Tell me what you think of me:/
18.Send me your latest pic
19.What's ur best friend's name?:)
20.Call me :*
21.How do u describe me?@>--
22Do u love me !?;;)
23.Write ur phone number in ur status for 1 day!! B)
24.Send me ur pic of what ur doing now=-?
25.Put the 1st letter of ur crush's name on ur statusO:)
26.Tell me one thing u have never told anyone:/
27.Bc my name & that ur in love with me<=-P
28.Write my name on ur status:*
29.Take me in a magical date<3 30.Ask me to be ur bf/gfO:)
31.Bc that ur a bitch/mutherfucker :p
32.Ask me out<3<3
33.Buy me a gift:D
34.U*derwear pic
35.Hug me tight next time I see you
36.Call me&sing;;)
37.Send me a picture of u:D
38.Vn me a joke=D
39.Put my name with heart next to ur info for a week<3<3
40.Put me in ur name for a month <3
41.Sing I got a feeling*n*rd*
42.Vn me saying I wanna go crazy=))
43.Be my slave for 2 days>=)
44.Bring me a gift;;)
45.Bc ur a tramp=D
46.Bc 'I love(my name)({})
47.Bc I'm in love with stripper/:)
48.Send me a paragraph of what u think of me(*)
49.Voice note 'hot kiss':*
50.Send a pic;)
51.Send a pic of ur legs=D
51.Bc how awsome me&u are:D
52.Send me a picture of ur room=))
53.Tell me a secret=-?
54. Send me a pic of u in ur u*derwear;)

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